is a leading institute for advanced learning of fine art.

China Academy of Art (the Academy, or CAA) traces its history back to 1928, 

when the former National Academy of Art was founded as the first one in the country. 

by Mr. Cai Yuanpei, the renowned Chinese educator.

The Academy is located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, about 170km from Shanghai.

Zhejiang is one of the most civilized and developed provinces in China,

and the city of Hangzhou is known as “paradise on earth” for its scenic beauty and tranquil environment as well as cultural tradition. 

Since its founding, the Academy has moved ten times but never far from the lakeside.

Sitting nearby the famous West Lake,the Academy is perfect for artistic learning and enrichment.


The Academy with its name changed five times in the past century, has educated many world famous artists, 

among them are Zhao Wuji, Wu Guanzhong, Li Keran and Zhu Dequn. 

The Academy has maintained the most comprehensive curriculum and degree programs in the country

and remains a true "cradle" for promising artists.

Scholarships are given to the overseas students in our academy 

from both the China central and Zhejiang provincial government. 

The Academy also provides matching stipends to recipients of the Zhejiang Provincial Scholarship.

                 is a branch of CAA whose responsibility is 

in charge of academic programs for overseas students and international artistic exchanges. 

Its principal objective is to promote Chinese cultures to the world,

encourage international artistic exchanges, and enhance friendship with the rest of the world.


 It has three units providing courses of Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, together with Chinese culture and language. 

Courses in oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, intermedia art, art history, animation, design art 

and architectural art with degrees and diplomas are available for international students.

 First enrollment of overseas students began in 1980.

                           Nearly 4000 international students have studied in the College since then.

                                            There are about 700 overseas students currently studying short-term and long-term courses.

They have access to various short-term training courses

including Chinese calligraphy and painting and excursions in Chinese culture and art 

to research the essence of oriental culture.

Individualized service is offered to students 

from different countries, cultures and all walks of life.

All foreign friends with interests in Chinese art are welcome.