• Nanshan
  • Xiangshan

    Both the Nanshan and Xiangshan campuses have housing for overseas students with public washing machines, communal kitchens, activity rooms and cafeterias. Room rates are as follows (hot water, air-conditioning and heating utilities are included):

    Suite130RMB/Day/PersonPrivate Facilities:
    telephone line, air-conditioner, and bathroom, etc.

    Shared facilities:
    refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven
    Single Roomdepending on room size
    Double Roomdepending on room size

    Accommodations fees are paid in full at the beginning of every semester. Refunds will not be issued for any reason other than withdrawing from the programs. Refunds can be made up to 70% of the remaining rent for students withdrawn from the programs.

    All non-resident students are required to stay in the overseas student housing area in their first year of study. Thereafter, students can apply to the International College to stay in any accommodations outside the Academy approved by the Public Security Bureau (the police authorities).

    Overseas students can dine in inexpensive campus cafeterias shared by their Chinese peers, or they can enjoy an abundance of different cuisines found in the vicinity of the campus.

CAA is located in the West Lake scenic area on the edge of downtown Hangzhou. It is only 50 meters away from West Lake with all the attractions and amenities West Lake and downtown have to offer. The campus provides a great urban campus environment, with post offices, banks, stores, markets, and hospitals located conveniently nearby.

    Carrefour Supermarket

    Students who need to stock up on daily necessities or buy convenient hot or cold food and drinks can head to the Carrefour supermarket located in Yongjin Square, about 200 meters from the Nanshan Campus.

    Mingtown International Youth Hostel

    A branch of Mingtown International Youth Hostel is situated just across from the CAA’s Nanshan Campus. The hostel offers clean, comfortable rooms to suit young people on tight budgets or just anyone who likes to interact.

    Nanshan Road

    The Academy is located on a street famous for its night life. The Nanshan Road comes to life when night falls with thousands of bar-goers forming an international scene that draws tourists from all walks of life.

    Nanshan Café

    Located on the first floor of Building 3 of the Nanshan Campus, this café offers coffee, desserts, WIFI, and a good place to have meetings, read, and hang out.

    Pulio Café

    The café, a French-style patisserie, is located just across from the Nanshan Campus. Selling all kinds of cakes and breads, coffee, fruit juices, and other beverages, Pulio is a relaxing place to meet with friends.

    New West Lake Paradise

    New West Lake Paradise shopping plaza is located off Nanshan Road beside the West Lake and just across from the Academy, combining a picturesque setting, fine dining, tranquility, and style. Well-known chains include Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs, Tea and Wine Chapter, and Butterfly Restaurant.

Hangzhou is only one hour south of Shanghai by train. Major cities in China including Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Kunming and Hong Kong are all accessible by train or airplane. Hangzhou is famous for its scenic beauty. As a modern city, it is equipped with advanced public facilities, including city bus and subway systems, several train stations and an international airport, modern shopping centers, and excellent medical services.

Hangzhou enjoys a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons of special beauty. The average annual temperature is 16.2℃, with 28.6℃ in summer and 3.8℃ in winter.

West Lake is one of the top ten scenic areas in China and attracts millions of tourists each year. It is an important site in Chinese cultural history and inspired beautiful poetry from past eras when Hangzhou served as the imperial capital. Leisure and entertainment facilities are everywhere around the lake with cafes, bars, restaurants, bookstores and art galleries.